Your Legacy Transforming Life


Financial Wealth Strategies

Business Strategies that Impact Your Success  

  • Promote effective business strategies and income building.
  • Help you structure a spend plan
  • Provide Vision, Purpose, and Strategic Training
  • Increase Wealth Potential -Symposium
    • Webinars and Podcast


Business Strategies

 Launch business from thought, to design, to reality through proven business concepts and strategies

  • Web Presence
  • Business Presence
    • For Profit
    • NonProfit
  • Transforming and Building Mindsets through successful principles and effective proven concepts


Personal Growth Strategies

For your personal growth providing transformational principle based development services 

  • Read "Legacy Moments, Transformation that goes Beyond Change, by linking here
  • Money Matters
  • Finding the "You" in "Your Identity"
  • Ethics, Integrity, and Character
  • Personal Healing 
    • Group
    • Individual
  • Relationship Building
  • Restoring Family Wellness and Relationships
  • Training for Personal Achievement
  • Maximizing "You"
  • Building life that positively heals you to expand your life legacy
  • Healing the Father Wound  

About Us


Mindset and Income Growth

Proven business strategies that aligns your personal and business growth potential.  What sets us apart?  Our clear vision, paradigm to reality shit concepts and personal growth potential. 


Combined Experience

We have financial, strategic, physiological, vision building, professionals that have a wealth of experience and knowledge that can assist in building your legacy.


Service and Reliability

Resources that provide opportunities to transform mindsets that impact your thinking (psychological), which will transform your life though housing and services offered (Social, Environmental,  and Financial), that transform your heart (relational, emotional).

Contact Us

We are here to assist and develop your business and personal development needs             


1125 Jefferson Davis Highway, Suite 400 Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Mail all Correspondence to: P.O. Box 42227 Fredericksburg, VA 22404 (757) 716-7041

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