DeAnna R. Upshaw CEO/Founder Dimensional Leadership Executive Director w/ The John Maxwell Team


Flexible, Intuitive, Responsive, Caring from our first coaching session together. Johnnie Lloyd  helped me clarify my thoughts on life’s goals. I attribute a great deal of my success because of the coaching partnership with Johnnie. She has and currently consistent and persist in her strategic coaching style. With her gentleness she pushes me to dimensions I did not know existent. There were many of times I became frustrated because I thought the challenge was to difficult. However, Johnnie would always say “Everything is a Process, Trust the Process” and

“ Where the Focus Goes the Power Flows.” These words have become my life’s motto. The art of a skilled coaching is to coach. She dives deep by asking targeted questions, listening on levels, hearing what is not being said, and touch the participant’s potential. Johnnie has and continues to do all of the above. Johnnie’s motivation to assist & support is just what I needed to achieve greatness and transform my life. I heartily recommend connecting with her to anyone wanting to achieve more.

Clarence Pointer, Nationally Acclaimed Pencil Artist

I’ve known Ms Lloyd for nearly 30 years and she’s proven to be one of the most positive people on the planet. She’s not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well full of love and compassion. Every conversation has been inspiring and encouraging. I must also add she’s always been education driven in her personal quest for knowledge. 

Nina Simone Lee, CEO, Unity In Diversity, LLC

I was at a ripe intersection in my life and was searching for someone with a proven record of financial training and coaching expertise. Johnnie Lloyd, LLC, the company and the person far exceeded my expectations. I received consistent, exceptional, and customized financial services. Without any doubt, I can say you are sure to receive the same level of integrity and excellence, relevant strategic tools, and superior end results.