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Facilitating Mastermind Alliances


You Are Fire When You Are Focused® Mastermind Alliance – based on Napoleon Hill’s Principle 2 concept.  A mastermind alliance involves two or more people who work in perfect harmony for the attainment  of a definite purpose. Through a mastermind alliance you:

  •  Come together as one major mind to use the education, experience, influence, and the capital of other people in your alliance.
  • The alliance can accomplish more than you could accomplish without the power of the mastermind
  • A major part of the mastermind’s power is to draw freely upon the spiritual forces within the alliance
  • This concept goes way beyond teamwork however the principle needs to be properly harnessed the power
  • Contact us to help you facilitate a professional, corporate, or personal mastermind alliance that can change the climate of any organization or household.
  • You Are Fire When You Are Focused  ®.  Mastermind Alliance gain power to go to the next level  though proven techniques--click here for more information 

Being a Transformational Leader and/or Entrepreneur is a Mindset


  • Strategic Forum.  Present unique strategic focus and business concepts that allow for more effective long range planning, business plan updates, and launching of new business ideas. 
  • Do not miss opportunity to transform your life and your vision. This is a new year start it with a vision of limitless possibilities. Lead facilitator for these events is a proven and successful visionary. Don’t back up go forward knowing that being an entrepreneur goes beyond being a business owner.  It’s about being the BOSS of your own life and releasing the power to live life at your maximum level. 
  • Professional, Transformational, and Motivational Speaker

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